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S1 sideboard

Manufactured in 2011

The S1 Sideboard with smooth sliding doors and trays is a beautiful piece of modern design. It was made for those, who seek a practical and elegant storage solution to complement their style-led homes. Like our T1 Dining Table, Sideboard features visible joints, which further add to its aesthetic value.

S1 comprises a wood cabinet supported by a sturdy frame with legs. The cabinet provides ample and versatile storage space. Add as many trays as you wish to your Sideboard unit or simply leave it empty to store larger items. Why not use trays around the house? They work equally well to serve Sunday breakfast in bed or an afternoon coffee.

S1 is the result of excellent craftmanship, clearly designed for everyday use and a real pleasure to look at. The cabinet comes in a choice of solid woods. The sliding doors are available in a variety of colors to match your modern interior.